Friday, August 8, 2014

Guess who's back :: Back again

August.. no.

Please planet Earth, slow up your rotations- stat.

I can't even find time to train for my 3rd half marathon, let alone blog!
Eek! The pressure is on.

So, I won't bore you with the deets of what I've been up to in the last, oh, 4 months, but lets just say I've been dating, shopping, working, and pet sitting. And throw in a few pool parties that I planned for myself- the surprise: I was the only one invited. Thanks to this wonderful family that lets me live in their house and take care of their doggie while they vacation in France for 3 weeks. Just so we're clear- I'M the lucky one in this scenario! (ha.)

Argh- can anyone out there help me connect my sound system to my receiver and TV?

I need a man in my life- hey handy man, come into my life already.

For goodness sakes, READ MY SHIRT!

PS- completely surprised by my liking towards this lip balm stain by Revlon... it is SO much better than their lipstick. Their lipstick drys my lips out so much that the next day they practically peel and hate my face. This stain is completely different- and the red is oh so perfect red. And it will LAST until the next day! I wore it to work, then dinner, then still woke up to colored lips! Beautiful! No reapplication needed.. (for normal wear that is). Wink.

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  1. You look amazing in these pics! Love them!! Corey may be able to be handy, if you want to borrow him! :)


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