Friday, June 7, 2013


... The look on my boss's face when she sees me flirting with the UPS guy.

Most importantly: We have concocted a plan

Wish me the courage to complete this task.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Emotionary

Kinda like the dictionary for emotions that you are currently feeling, often times a newly created word. Eden Sher, creator of the website The Emotionary, describes it best, "words that don't exist [to] feelings that do". Eden attempts to define every emotion she has ever felt, which she asks her friends to do the same. One example of an emotion that really struck home with me is:

I could write a novel on all the dates, feelings and emotions I have encountered over the past 7 days. And maybe I should... that could possibly propel me in the right direction. Oh dear friends and followers, do you want to read about them? I would call it "Dating: the good, the bad and the ugly".


Here is another good one:


And of course, this one just amazing!

Visit The Emotionary now, and get in touch with your true feelings. xoxo

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