Friday, November 1, 2013

Turning to the advice column

Have you ever stood anyone up?
Or even worse yet, have you ever been stood up?

As a single girl making her mark on the city, who has met just about every type of guy there is, I am still dumbfounded when it comes to the thoughtless actions of those who leave their dates waiting cluelessly, all alone, sweaty, checking their phone every other second.

No, I am not a victim in this exact light, but sometimes I can picture it all too clearly.
Perhaps I was stood up in a previous life.

But there has to be some reason why I'm blogging about it, right? Yes- there is a cause to this horrendous brain storm! Here I am on a Friday night, dateless. "Madelyn! That's absurd, I thought you had plans this evening?!" I know! I thought that too!

Argh! I seriously feel as though I need to write to Cosmopolitan's relationship advice column. It's just so hard to read you men...
Here I am, being miss pleasant, miss no rush, miss I'm good no worries about me... The last thing I want to be is miss bossy pants who demands too much from you, LIKE A TIME OR A PLACE!
But really! I'm thinking maybe I should wear my heart on my sleeve and just come out with it- I'm disappointed you couldn't make time for me!

What do guys want from the girl their casually talking to?
You obviously like me if you've asked me out 3 times, but then wait... You did bail all 3 times...

Is this just a joke? Am I the punch line?

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