Saturday, November 9, 2013

Love or Sacrifice

A distant friend who was once a bestie, was telling me about their weekend; not necessarily bragging, just simply sharing their success of being in with the "In Crowd." I was certainly feeling a bit resentment towards them and thinking how I could change my life so that I too could partake in the extravagant lifestyle. But I quickly reminded myself that our lives are completely different, and that sacrificing what I have to get that would be worthless. I took a moment to reflect, and my heart was warmed and my desire for networking with her type of people rapidly vanished.
You see, I love my family, friends, job and everything in between. I couldn't ask for better parents, caring friends, or personal success in my career. Why would I want to sacrifice one degree of that just so I can schmooze with a big shot. Her life and mine are not comparable on any level- every aspect of my life where I have love, she has chosen loss and grief.
Her lifestyle may appear fun, expensive and popular, but truly it's materialistic.

Would you consider sacrificing one aspect of your life to get ahead in the game?
I cherish my relationships with those who love me too much to consider.

And I was proved right last night- while they are at a hockey game hanging with the blues execs (and a friend who also has a chosen ruined family), I am sitting by a bonfire with my best friend and her family, cooking hot dogs and telling stories and making memories... If it's all in 'who you know' I would rather know those who come from a good life.

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  1. Very interesting and good post... I for one may have moments of envy of that lifestyle but I know I couldn't live like that. It's just not who I am. I just want to make good memories with my good friends. To be honest...even though the distance between us gets in the way of great communication I can't tell you how many times I go back to the day at the winery with the adirondack chairs and the good friends enjoying the simple life together. I hold that moment dear to me. love you! xoxo


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