Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friend defined

The best friends are those that are there for you through it all. The ones you can call and say "guess who pissed me off today?" And know exactly who they are referring to and provide a solution of going shopping or getting froyo to brighten the day. Or assign nicknames to every outsider that we always talk about for i.e. Hottie Tottie, Work Husband, Neal 1, Neil 2, bitch, Hooker, etc. The ones who can be brutally honest with you and take it as a compliment. The ones who say "you haven't called in weeks, you're a butt head." And after realizing they're right, fix it with an improtu happy hour or sending a humiliating snapchat or meme.
I love those friends who know I'm still their friend even though I've been out of touch.
Sometimes I think I suffer from a rare illness, I call it "Montly dementia". A perfect example: shit! It's already October?!

Best friends (BFs) don't let little tiffs get in the way of long term friendship. Best friends don't put other non BFs before the BFs. I know this.
And how do I plead? Not guilty.

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