Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friend defined

The best friends are those that are there for you through it all. The ones you can call and say "guess who pissed me off today?" And know exactly who they are referring to and provide a solution of going shopping or getting froyo to brighten the day. Or assign nicknames to every outsider that we always talk about for i.e. Hottie Tottie, Work Husband, Neal 1, Neil 2, bitch, Hooker, etc. The ones who can be brutally honest with you and take it as a compliment. The ones who say "you haven't called in weeks, you're a butt head." And after realizing they're right, fix it with an improtu happy hour or sending a humiliating snapchat or meme.
I love those friends who know I'm still their friend even though I've been out of touch.
Sometimes I think I suffer from a rare illness, I call it "Montly dementia". A perfect example: shit! It's already October?!

Best friends (BFs) don't let little tiffs get in the way of long term friendship. Best friends don't put other non BFs before the BFs. I know this.
And how do I plead? Not guilty.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Love or Sacrifice

A distant friend who was once a bestie, was telling me about their weekend; not necessarily bragging, just simply sharing their success of being in with the "In Crowd." I was certainly feeling a bit resentment towards them and thinking how I could change my life so that I too could partake in the extravagant lifestyle. But I quickly reminded myself that our lives are completely different, and that sacrificing what I have to get that would be worthless. I took a moment to reflect, and my heart was warmed and my desire for networking with her type of people rapidly vanished.
You see, I love my family, friends, job and everything in between. I couldn't ask for better parents, caring friends, or personal success in my career. Why would I want to sacrifice one degree of that just so I can schmooze with a big shot. Her life and mine are not comparable on any level- every aspect of my life where I have love, she has chosen loss and grief.
Her lifestyle may appear fun, expensive and popular, but truly it's materialistic.

Would you consider sacrificing one aspect of your life to get ahead in the game?
I cherish my relationships with those who love me too much to consider.

And I was proved right last night- while they are at a hockey game hanging with the blues execs (and a friend who also has a chosen ruined family), I am sitting by a bonfire with my best friend and her family, cooking hot dogs and telling stories and making memories... If it's all in 'who you know' I would rather know those who come from a good life.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Turning to the advice column

Have you ever stood anyone up?
Or even worse yet, have you ever been stood up?

As a single girl making her mark on the city, who has met just about every type of guy there is, I am still dumbfounded when it comes to the thoughtless actions of those who leave their dates waiting cluelessly, all alone, sweaty, checking their phone every other second.

No, I am not a victim in this exact light, but sometimes I can picture it all too clearly.
Perhaps I was stood up in a previous life.

But there has to be some reason why I'm blogging about it, right? Yes- there is a cause to this horrendous brain storm! Here I am on a Friday night, dateless. "Madelyn! That's absurd, I thought you had plans this evening?!" I know! I thought that too!

Argh! I seriously feel as though I need to write to Cosmopolitan's relationship advice column. It's just so hard to read you men...
Here I am, being miss pleasant, miss no rush, miss I'm good no worries about me... The last thing I want to be is miss bossy pants who demands too much from you, LIKE A TIME OR A PLACE!
But really! I'm thinking maybe I should wear my heart on my sleeve and just come out with it- I'm disappointed you couldn't make time for me!

What do guys want from the girl their casually talking to?
You obviously like me if you've asked me out 3 times, but then wait... You did bail all 3 times...

Is this just a joke? Am I the punch line?

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