Saturday, August 3, 2013

July, so far away

Anyone else feeling deeply sadden about July being a whole year away? :(
Here I am on a lovely Saturday afternoon reminiscing about the long gone month. I've included some photos to summarize the busy days of summer.
From pool parties, to earning a tan with a good book, to showing off an armfull of fab bracelets, and then receiving this sweet record from a great guy. It was a good month.

Oh, and I'm completely in love with this nail polish- its a cotton candy purple. Divine.


  1. Wow...I am loving those photographs! I must say I am quite jealous of your vacations! They look lovely, peaceful, and far far away!
    I am extremely sad that July is gone. It was supposed to be my less busy month and instead it flew by in a whirlwind. What happened to my summer? I haven't laid by the pool ONCE this summer!! How is that possible? Next summer the only thing I am going to plan is relaxation and friends! :)

  2. I have no idea who's house you are at, but it is GORGEOUS! I'm so jealous! As for July being a year away...not so sad, because it is waaaaaay too hot here and I don't want another Texas summer!


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