Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I hope my previous post didn't worry or scare my dear readers too much. I must stress the importance of wearing a helmet while skiing, skating, biking, and snowboarding. I could have really hurt myself (knocked out teeth, concussion, broken bones), but instead I walked away with only a few (bad) bumps and bruises. I saw my chiropractor the next day so he contributed to my fast healing. :)
So we started skiing at 9:30am, I collided with a ski pole at 10:30am, which caused my lip to swell, we ski'd until 4pm! I was a trooper, I wasn't going to let a little injury ruin my day. But let me tell you, that night I was terrified- I had dreams of my lip popping and spewing blood everywhere.. So gross I'm sorry. :(
The lip started to deflate within 36 hours, thankfully. It was truly a great trip, with or without the swelling.
And currently all bruising had diminished.

God bless!

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