Monday, November 19, 2012

Five Kilometers and Preppy

I ran the Run for the Warriors 5k on Saturday with my sister, a 2001 graduate of Warrenton High School, a few long lost friends, and my father. This was a special day because I had beat my personal best running time! 27:14 was the time to beat.... AND I finished at 26:47! Wahoo!
Here we are after the race, all gross and stuff... but happy to be finished. We all did fantastic!

And because its been a long while since I posted an outfit, I thought I would share this little get-up.
I just have to say, I am learning and creating every morning while standing in front of my closet in a cold, damp towel. I do my best thinking dripping wet after a shower. Don't you? This H&M chambray shirt amazes me continuously. I've been trying to work this elbow patch sweater into my wardrobe without wearing it the same way every time- layered over a longer tee... blah. So, me being the genius I am, and also just after learning some great tips on how to roll your sleeves, I thought I would try layering a button up collared shirt under the marvelous, mind bending sweater. Viola! Love it! And, I also just love playing with shapes and patterns. And lets be honest, Chambray goes with EVERYTHING. That means you miss polka dot pencil skirta. ha.
I'm certain it would have looked even better with my mary janes, but someone forgot to shave. shhh.
Oh, and I had a wonderful weekend out with friends, and I was feeling a little frisky, so I popped the collar.. Meow.


  1. Madelyn, good job in the 5K, I could never do it in that time, you must have some speedy legs hahahaha ;-). Love this layered look and I have to agree a chambray blouse is so versatile and goes with everything and gives that preppy touch. The yellow polka dotted skirt gives your look that playful touch, simply beautiful. You have a new follower from germany via GFC, glad I came across your blog :-9


  2. I love your skirt and congrats on the 5K i can barely make it down my stairs lol



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