Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend recap

Wow, what a fantastic weekend! I know it's only Sunday afternoon and I still have lots to do, but I must give a brief recap.
Yesterday I played in a charity volleyball tournament which was held in a cave! 3 of my volleyball teammates played along with a guest player. :) we had a blast, won 6 games and lost 2- double elimination, so we didn't win. :( we hula hooped, spiked,
Enjoyed beer and homemade wine and did a little dancing
Then today I ran the MOCowbell 5k, and then hung out to cheer on my father who ran his first half marathon. 13.1!!

Friday, October 5, 2012


Über busy Madelyn, says hello!
Lovely friends, I hope your week has gone exceptionally well.
Mine has been grand. My training for the Rock and Roll half marathon had continued this week- I'm up to 8 miles!
The new Yurbuds female line has been launched, you can find our amazing new product at Target stores nation wide. :) I train in aqua, how about you?

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