Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mixed Patterns

Wow, I really started September off with a bang! I spent way too much money on additions to my fall wardrobe. Three of these pieces were recent purchases.
I was terribly afraid, and still am a bit, about the disappearance of summer. Soo to combat the fear I decided spending money on exciting things was my only cure.
September has been great.
And I'm loving my outfit options, but I still need more- I mean after all I'm still fearful. :)

I was a little unsure about these two patterns. Both are polka dots, and of course the Brahmin purse and blue Senso booties... Totally clash. But I love the colors!

What do you think?
Blouse- H&M
Skirt- Gap Outlet
Misc bracelets, watch- OU


  1. So I know I'm no fashion guru, but what kind of boots are those? Rain boots? Make sure the snakes have to climb higher to bite you boots? I just don't get it! I should just crawl back into my fashion empty hole and ponder this! There color is nice though!

  2. I really like that skirt! Great fall color! I am in desperate need of a new fall wardrobe, and just scrap all my old stuff...unfortunately that takes money. :( I think I am going to do some serious inventory on my closet soon! It needs a fun update!
    I was super bummed about summer being over and fall starting...but I found decorating my house and smelling all the wonderful fall smells really helped!


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