Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

With all the talk about Isaac (tropical storm) making its appearance in the Midwest this weekend, I was fearful the long weekend would be scrapped. But it wasn't at all! :)
Friday was a windy, rainy, gloomy day. The perfect kind of day to spend on the couch, online shopping or knitting. :)
I did neither.
Instead I worked until 6pm, came home and watched The Hunger Games with my neighbor.
Saturday I spent way too much money shopping with my friend Tracy, and then had a lovely dinner at Herbie's Vintage 72, followed by the last performance of The Lion King at the Fox Theater. It was spectacular!
Sunday I spent the day at home getting crafty, ran 2.4 miles with my dad and then had a lovely dinner with my folks.
Monday was spent harvesting grapes for Vogler Wine! And I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am about it! We have TONS of grapes ready to be squeezed into something yummy.

I pray you all lovely friends and followers had just as great a weekend as I!


The Fox Theater
Measuring reed
Gluing the reed to make several circles
Reed drying
Weaving the circles together
The finished 'orb'. I made three to hang somewhere!
Vogler grapes! Picked from our own vines
The grapes all ready to be measured and mashed!
This should make about 13 gallons of wine! And this was only grapes from 3 of the 6 plants!
Mashing the grapes!

Sugar and yeast added
Adding water
Now, we let it ferment!


  1. WAIT ONE MINUTE!!!! These grapes aren't in a giant bucket that you have to get into and squish with your bare feet? Well there goes my order of 100 bottles! I do indeed need to try some though!

  2. hahaha that's funnny! that's the way u do it! i want to try someee!!!


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