Monday, August 27, 2012

Hike, Pool, Drink and Dance

Good morning lovely friends and followers!

What a fantastic Monday morning. (argh)

Sarcasm at its finest. But to tell one truth: my weekend was amazing.

Went for a nice little run Friday night, which included some hill sprinting and back pedaling (working those buns!) had a wonderful Greek dinner with my awesome neighbor and his French Bulldog puppy. Such a sweetheart, they both are. :)
I Woke up super early Saturday morning and met friends for a run/hike at Castlewood park. That was soo fun. And the views were incredible.
The day progressed into pool time on top of the Marquette, shopping in my friends awesome store, Hammer and Hand Imports, then dinner and drinks and dancing downtown St. Louis.
It was a fantastic night, from the lovely one of a kind TV stand I will soon be purchasing, to getting caught in the down pour and having to run 4 blocks in heels, to the Crackberry Martini at Mango (a berry martini with cracked pepper on top) to the clubbing music we danced all night to. :) I have amazing friends.

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  1. I'm sooo jealous you are going to own a Hammer & Hand Imports piece!! LOVE it!!


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