Friday, August 31, 2012

Fridays Favorite Finds

I apologize for the messiness of my posts lately, I've been terribly busy. So busy that I've been having to blog via my iPhone. Thank goodness for the blogspot app!
The only downside to blogging via smartphone is that I have no idea what orders these photos are in! So I apologize my out of sorts comments!
Hope you all can love me regardless!

Here are a few of my favorite finds this week- found via Instagram and tumblr.

The nails are amazing, I will be attempting to this as soon as it gets dreary enough for dark nails. (when I say dreary I mean, as soon as I feel the full effects of fall- a necessity of jackets, tights, boots.)

Loving the interior decor of these rooms. Fresh, chic, vintage and one of a kind. Like me!

Chewy! Is my neighbors French bulldog puppy! I watched him for a couple hours last weekend. Esme wasn't too sure of him, and he was terrified of her at first. They will love each other one day. :)

Amy and I enjoying our crack berry martinis at Mango.

A little road trip in my Jeep with Stella. Loving this new app called Lumi- you can add cute little details to your photos! Adore!

Hurricane Isaac is here.. Well tropical storm now. I hope you all can still enjoy your weekend! Xoxo

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