Saturday, July 28, 2012

Besides Friday

Besides being über busy with work, my nights have been pretty relaxing.

I had a wonderful weekend in Colorado. We hiked the Flatirons, tried out new cuisine, shopped at the farmers market and dined at several local breweries.

I really enjoyed Boulder. They really concentrate on 'local' and homegrown organic food and supplies. I appreciate that. I picked up some local chocolate, coffee, tea from Celestial Seasonings and granola! (gluten free.)

I received some awesome news from my CFO this week- I'm going to be the Accountant in Charge of our UK subsidiary! This is huge news. Not even 4 weeks in and I've received a promotion. :)
Now I need to relearn the conversions from USD to GBP. :)

Some other great news- I've been convinced to run 13.1 miles in October. So my training began this week. I usually run about 2.8 miles a few times a week, but now I have to steadily increase that up to 13! Yuck!
But it will be such a feat, and a person goal accomplished- and I'm only 25. :)

Not being busy this week was a choice. Probably a bad choice. I'm going to have to work out my work, running and social schedule!

Just a little outfit post to keep my mind off things.
Oh, and happy anniversary to me and my single hood! :) xoxo

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