Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Juvenile anyone?

It's amazing to me how low people will stoop to hurt another. To take time out of their so called busy day to poke fun, at what age? Nearly 30?

This is a peaceful, fun, fashionably creative blog that I have decided to share with the world. I've seen on several other blogs, teens bashing on fellow teens who look and socialize differently. This is just how I described it- a teen activity. Nearly childish, high school, juvenile.

On to better things!
This past weekend was an absolute blast, memorable, and exciting.

5k at the zoo with my sister.
Homegrown quinoa.
Turkey looking for its momma.
New baby goats!
A float trip on the Huzzah with an amazing guy and even awesome(r) dog, where fireworks were set off in my honor for my recent success (a new job, with 100% benefits, 401k and a RAISE!)
Large snake, reminds me of someone.

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