Friday, June 1, 2012


May, where did you go?! The year is almost half over!
I've been reminiscing a bit this morning, here's a collection of my favorite memories from the past 5 months.
Enjoy. Xoxo

1. Feeling inspired
2. Post work out- Tina Turner hair!
3. Sunset, moon and planet greeting me, leaving Houston
4. The necklace I made. Tangerine!
5. Blue Senso booties
6. Lots of jello shots
7. Champagne and berries!
8. Tea time
9. Lounging- reading The Lucky One
10. Pool time with Kristen in Springfield
11. My bialetti
12. My wood crate bookcase! With Esme!
13. Party time in Houston at 5th Amendment Club
14. iPhone 4s
15. Canon T3i
16. Vintage Dooney and Bourke purses, purchased for $8 in Springfield. Love me some garage sales!
17. Wine dinner with a very thoughtful guy.
18. Hello Lovely
19. Sperunking race, through a sand mine
20. Kris got stuck in my jacket... silly boy. xo
21. Some delicious chocolate from Norway. Someone needs to go back and get me more.

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