Thursday, June 21, 2012


Things couldn't have ended more perfectly!

To celebrate I made gluten free fudge brownies in my lovely vintage jadeite fire king glass wear.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Juvenile anyone?

It's amazing to me how low people will stoop to hurt another. To take time out of their so called busy day to poke fun, at what age? Nearly 30?

This is a peaceful, fun, fashionably creative blog that I have decided to share with the world. I've seen on several other blogs, teens bashing on fellow teens who look and socialize differently. This is just how I described it- a teen activity. Nearly childish, high school, juvenile.

On to better things!
This past weekend was an absolute blast, memorable, and exciting.

5k at the zoo with my sister.
Homegrown quinoa.
Turkey looking for its momma.
New baby goats!
A float trip on the Huzzah with an amazing guy and even awesome(r) dog, where fireworks were set off in my honor for my recent success (a new job, with 100% benefits, 401k and a RAISE!)
Large snake, reminds me of someone.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Flowers in her Hair

There's a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair.

Gosh, I wish I were going to California. (song reference)
But instead... I'm simply going to work. I have big news people, I finally got a new job! I will be a staff accountant at a great company (company name released at a later date.) I cannot wait to tell you all about it!

So that's my exciting news this week! I think my next post will be about professionalism in the workplace. I have some great examples of what activity you should refrain from.

Karma, it's coming baby.

Xoxo Madelyn

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Minty Profession

What an exciting week. I’ve done SO much, and its only Wednesday! I can’t wait to share my experiences with you, but now is not the time.
I’ve been presented with an amazing opportunity, all because of my amazing family and friends. I’ve asked them to pray for me regarding a sticky situation, and through the wonderful grace of God doors have been opened. Now I just need patience. So I send a heartfelt "Thank you" to all who have kept me in their thoughts and prayers. xo

My weekend was a very busy one. I spent Friday catching up with an old friend, we danced the afternoon away at Treloar Bar and Grill, drank my first lime-a-rita, fired some guns, attempted to blow stuff up (such a tom boy), and then crashed a BBQ. It was a great, late night. Saturday was my Great Aunt Grace’s memorial, then later that day I met up with new friends and did a little bar hopping. From Molly’s, to Friendly’s to Amsterdam.
Sunday I had an early start, I met my sister at 9am and kayaked 3 miles down the Meramec River, then shopped, then played volleyball. A SUPER busy weekend, but a great weekend.
I need advice- I’ve been put in a pretty challenging position, let me ask you this- if you knew an engaged couple and knew that one of them was cheating on the other, would you tell the other person?

Spanish class starts tonight! I am so excited!
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MaryKate and Ashley!!

Oh and last little note- Vampire Diaries has officially taken over my Roku.
xoxo Madelyn

Blouse- H&M, Skirt- JCrew, Watch- UO, Bracelets- Lusso and thrifted, Wedges- BOC
Photos by "Gregory"

Friday, June 8, 2012

Goldie Locks Part 2

Somehow I managed to forget these.


Goldie Locks and the Three Bears X Kiminchi Blue

Good morning dear friends and lovely readers.

Tis Friday again, and it could not have come any sooner.
I've had a very rough week and have been looking forward to this day since Tuesday. Not much happened extracurricular, which felt amazing!
Although I love being active and staying busy, sometimes a night off doing nothing but things I want to do is welcomed.

A couple things I did do:
1. Get hooked on Vampire Diaries.
Wow, that Stefan is hot stuff.
2. Watched Venus pass between the Sun and Earth. That was VERY cool. Its crazy to think we will not see Venus in daylight for the rest of our lives. Sure we will have plenty of opportunities to see it shine in the night sky, but never again will we relive that experience for another 117 years. Even our children won't experience that. It's crazy and mind boggling to think how large the universe is. Unmeasurable. After our boot camp Tuesday evening my sister and I went to the World's Fair Pavilion to take a peak at the planet transit. The lines for the telescopes were SO long, so instead we watched Venus pass in front of the sun on a piece of paper. There was this mirrored, triangular wooden projector, that bounced the reflection of the sun down to a piece of parchment. I could have stood there and watched Venus all day. So fascinating. So Alien.

Anyway, I will cut to the chase. Here's a little outfit post, I hope you enjoy.

Tank, bandeau, and skirt all UO. Skirt- Kiminchi Blue, Vest- Thrifted, Bracelets- Lusso, thrifted, Franchesca's, Wedges- BOC

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them! I would LOVE to hear from you. xo

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

RIP Ole Blue

A very sad day in my blogger world. The platform sandals that blessed many of my photoshoots, are being laid to rest this 5th day of June, 2012.
You will be missed.

Friday, June 1, 2012


May, where did you go?! The year is almost half over!
I've been reminiscing a bit this morning, here's a collection of my favorite memories from the past 5 months.
Enjoy. Xoxo

1. Feeling inspired
2. Post work out- Tina Turner hair!
3. Sunset, moon and planet greeting me, leaving Houston
4. The necklace I made. Tangerine!
5. Blue Senso booties
6. Lots of jello shots
7. Champagne and berries!
8. Tea time
9. Lounging- reading The Lucky One
10. Pool time with Kristen in Springfield
11. My bialetti
12. My wood crate bookcase! With Esme!
13. Party time in Houston at 5th Amendment Club
14. iPhone 4s
15. Canon T3i
16. Vintage Dooney and Bourke purses, purchased for $8 in Springfield. Love me some garage sales!
17. Wine dinner with a very thoughtful guy.
18. Hello Lovely
19. Sperunking race, through a sand mine
20. Kris got stuck in my jacket... silly boy. xo
21. Some delicious chocolate from Norway. Someone needs to go back and get me more.

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