Saturday, May 5, 2012


It's Saturday! Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Stayed out late with my sister, woke up early today to run a 5k with my father, now I'm relaxing in my old bedroom.

I just love this room so much- well nearly everything of mine is moved out, I still have one shelf dedicated to me.

From left to right:
Western pleasure trophy and first place ribbon won during my years in 4-H.
High school diploma, my crown from Miss Warren Co 2005, picture of Jesus, cool liquor bottles from my first job, drum sticks I caught from a Rounding Third concert, the letter V pottery I made in art class in HS, and the first flower I received from my first boyfriend, and the Mattie wood carving I did in wood class. There are several little trinkets as well- little momentos that have a special place in heart attached with fond memories.

What items from your childhood do you treasure?

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