Thursday, May 3, 2012

Romantic Florals

Holy May!
Ug, I already let myself down... :(
I told myself May 1st, that I was going to blog EVERY single week day this month. Grr, and I'm already 2 days behind. :(

But, the best news is; its my birthday month! And most pools open in May! Hallelujah!
I think I have a good excuse for not blogging the last two days, you be the judge.
I play volleyball on Sunday nights with people from one of my favorite Bars- Hair of the Dog..
I was out socializing until 1:37am... :/ It was so incredibly silly of me.
So, come Monday at 5pm, all I wanted to do was SLEEP. And that I did.
I planned on blogging Tuesday night, but I was invited over to my neighbors for a glass of vino. I couldn't resist.
Then last night, after the Wine and Wardrobe event, I FORCED myself to blog.
And I am so happy I did. :)
(Finally a smiley face!)

Goodness I love this blouse so much. I got it from American Apparel while I was in Houston. Which reminds me; I still need to post about my trip! Oooh, I am so far behind. Forgive me?

Much love! Enjoy your Thursday!
xoxo M

(I look so sweaty in the pics below, but I wasn't! Pardon my shiny face..)

Wine, wine, everywhere...

Wine and Wardrobe!


  1. Very Cute! Love the skirt/blouse combo!

  2. Great pictures!! Your Outfit ist really beautiful! I fall in love with your skirt, it has such an awesome colour! Your blouse goes really perfectly with it! Perfect style!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog


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