Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stress reliever

Hello dearest of friends and followers, I apologize for my lack of activity on le blog.
I am overwhelmed with a super duper busy schedule.
I should have blogged last night, but I was feeling a lot of pressure, confusion and stress, that I had to go run. So I did. I went to Jefferson Barracks for a nice long run on their paved trails. It was wonderful.. With occasional halts to let deer cross the path. :)
Enjoy your Thursday. Xoxo

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Luna Jamboree

Spending this lovely Sunday night sipping Spumante while listening to the talented Bryan from Luna Jamboree strum us some tunes. :)

Hope you all are having a lovely memorial weekend! Xo

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Crazy Idea's (day dreams)

I've been rolling this idea around in my head for a while now, and I might as well come out with it and see how the public responds... I would love your input!

Idea: I would really like to my blog to the next level. There aren't too many fashion bloggers in St. Louis and I would hope this would be a good change or a good start to get the city involved. Okay here goes- I would like to have a 'partner' or at least a fellow blogger to partner up with when it came to blogging. My biggest set back is not having someone to attend events with, or to photograph these events. I've noticed most of the bloggers I follow and look up to, have an extra hand in their blogging... whether its a paid photographer or a BF/husband. I don't have either, and I really don't want to ask my married friends to come over and 'shoot' me, because most do not understand my blogging obsession. So it would be ideal to get someone else involved who has the same wants and desires as me... someone who wants to make their mark, and help me make mine. : )
I'm thinking about posting something on Craigslist... like an unpaid opportunity, fellow blogger wanted, someone good with a camera, and a sense of style. Someone to attend events with me, on their own dime. Someone who can make time a few nights a week to get together and brainstorm. Someone who gets along well with others and is down to earth and open to new experiences, someone who has a voice and loves networking.

What do you all think? Is this fathomable? What would you do if you saw a post on Craigslist like this?

Of course I would have to have an interview with them and meet them in person before any decision is made. : )

EEk, I'm nervous I'm going to meet an unworthy person... :/

Friday, May 18, 2012

Blumenhof Wine Dinner (The one and only)

Yay! I am so very excited for tonights wine dinner to be held at Blumenhof Winery! Blumenhof is my absolute FAVORITE winery. I've tried a handful of others, but no one else compares to the generosity of the Blumberg family.
Just last week Blumenhof was awarded the Governor's Cup! Oustanding wine, entertaining music, and feel free to bring all the food and water you want. :)

Now and Retro

Good morning my lovely followers and friends! Its Friday! And it seems I’ve gotten into this habit of only taking outfit photos on Thursdays. :(
I need to change this as soon as possible. I need to make the time to take the time in my hectic schedule.
I can not reiterate enough, my excitement for summertime. Even though I haven’t had a summer since 2006, its still oh so exciting. And what's sad, is I am already afraid of cooler weather that will make its appearance in 5 months. It is very sad I know, but honestly, once summer is HERE, its gone just as quick. So I am really trying to make this time before Memorial day last. So, Summer, Please stay away for another few weeks. What? Memorial day is next weekend?! NOOOOOO.
Good news? I get to see one of my best friends from High School next weekend! I will be spending all weekend in southern MO! Beyond excited.
We have plans to hike, sun bathe at the lakes, shop, and of course brunch and many late nights!
I pray all you lovely mothers had a wonderful Mother’s day last week, and I pray all you children treated your mothers to something special!
My mother’s day consisted of brunch, gardening, assisting in cooking, and hanging out with the family (Gma, aunts and uncles) outside, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
My father even cooked the turkey he got last month. He is quite the hunter. :) The Turk was delicious, as usual. I also learned, thanks to my Uncle Chuck, that guacamole is a lot better with pepper!

Last Saturday is a day I will never forget. My good friend Kris was in town from Arkansas, so we went to the Cardinals game with another friend, Bryan. We had an absolute blast. We started the evening out with roadie sodies, a large bag of nuts, a loss (unfortunately), entertaining the crowd with tossing peanuts, losing at foosball with a Kenyan, some childs funky pink sunnies, and convincing a crowd of 21 year old boys that I was a dancer at PT’s. (so false by the way.) 
I hope you all are having as much fun enjoying life as much as I am. : )
God is great, I have so much to be thankful for. : )

 Dress- UO (open back, but its not noticable in the photos)
Booties- Senso
Bracelets- Lusso, franchesca's, thrifted

My busy planner
Roadie sodie!

Largest bag of nuts...

Everyone wanted peanuts

Ya... he got stuck.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Let's talk about: Lana Del Rey

I know, so she spoofed on SNL months ago... but my gosh, how talented is this girl?!

She has an amazing album, a great look, and a voice beyond her years.

Apparently I am not the only one obsessed over Lana. Mulberry named their new bag after the gorgeous singer, and Jimmy Choo also used her name for their new pair of foldable sunnies.

I almost love Lana as much as the acessories named after her!

Straw Season

Love those oh-so-stylish J.Crew emails that appear in my inbox every so often. :)
They have perfect timing too. I had just finished building my budget for the next six months. Right when I realized I have a few hundred left over this month, silly me for thinking of putting it away in savings, they send me an email reminding me where to reinvest..
Thanks J.Crew, for all that you do.

I seriously think I should unsubscribe from all those advertisements (UO, FP, Piperlime, Nastygal, J.Crew.) I'm never going to each my $10k goal this year.

But don't you just LOVE this purse?!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Steak and Cake

Happy Birthday to me! Felize cumpleanos a mi! hahaha.
Oh, I had a wonderful birthday. I was definitely missing my good friends Jenn, Corey, Liz and Kayla. I got so used to seeing them on my special day- but this year was just as memorable.

It begain with texts at midnight, a Happy Birthday Sing Song in the AM, a delicious cup of coffee, lunch with my coworkers at Natasha's Cafe on South Grand, then dinner at Charlie Gitto's with Tracy. Steak and cake baby! :)

Lovely flowers from my sister

running errands at the private bank- their elevator is mirrored!

Cake at Charlie Gitto's with Tracy

Target practice with Tracy and Ben- Sunday

All my lovely succulents!

Flowers my momma picked from her garden for my birthday

The succulent garden from Kayla. xoxo

And then I found this strange note on my desk... where is the rest of it?! I must know what you wanted to tell me!!!!

I pray you lovelies have a wonderful day! And that you enjoyed my birthday just as much as I did!!

xoxo Madelyn
Steak and Cake

Saturday, May 5, 2012


It's Saturday! Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Stayed out late with my sister, woke up early today to run a 5k with my father, now I'm relaxing in my old bedroom.

I just love this room so much- well nearly everything of mine is moved out, I still have one shelf dedicated to me.

From left to right:
Western pleasure trophy and first place ribbon won during my years in 4-H.
High school diploma, my crown from Miss Warren Co 2005, picture of Jesus, cool liquor bottles from my first job, drum sticks I caught from a Rounding Third concert, the letter V pottery I made in art class in HS, and the first flower I received from my first boyfriend, and the Mattie wood carving I did in wood class. There are several little trinkets as well- little momentos that have a special place in heart attached with fond memories.

What items from your childhood do you treasure?

Friday, May 4, 2012


Enjoying a wonderful Friday happy hour at Blumenhoff Winery in Dutzow Missouri.

I pray you all lovely readers are having a wonderful beginning to a beautiful weekend.
Xoxo M

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Romantic Florals

Holy May!
Ug, I already let myself down... :(
I told myself May 1st, that I was going to blog EVERY single week day this month. Grr, and I'm already 2 days behind. :(

But, the best news is; its my birthday month! And most pools open in May! Hallelujah!
I think I have a good excuse for not blogging the last two days, you be the judge.
I play volleyball on Sunday nights with people from one of my favorite Bars- Hair of the Dog..
I was out socializing until 1:37am... :/ It was so incredibly silly of me.
So, come Monday at 5pm, all I wanted to do was SLEEP. And that I did.
I planned on blogging Tuesday night, but I was invited over to my neighbors for a glass of vino. I couldn't resist.
Then last night, after the Wine and Wardrobe event, I FORCED myself to blog.
And I am so happy I did. :)
(Finally a smiley face!)

Goodness I love this blouse so much. I got it from American Apparel while I was in Houston. Which reminds me; I still need to post about my trip! Oooh, I am so far behind. Forgive me?

Much love! Enjoy your Thursday!
xoxo M

(I look so sweaty in the pics below, but I wasn't! Pardon my shiny face..)

Wine, wine, everywhere...

Wine and Wardrobe!

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