Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tea Time

 What a lovely relaxing Sunday. :)
I went to church this morning with my parents, ran into an old friend who I can't wait to see again, did a little shopping at a local nursery, and had a yummy steak dinner with the folks. And now, I am at home blogging, with the windows open while it is thunderstorming. Can life get any better?
I am content beyond belief.
Praise be to God.

My mother took me to Hillerman's Nursery in Washington, it is a wonderful place. :)
I've been obsessing over terrariums. I love the retro look. My mother said she use grow plants in a terrarium when she was younger too. I am truly my mothers daughter. :)
The domes were a little too expensive, but we did buy a couple hanging globes. They are pretty small, but we managed to find a couple small plants to stick in them. The plants I've been obsessing over are called Succulents. They are cactus like, but not prickely, they only need watering once a month. Their leaves retain water. And they come in all sorts of varieties. One of them even flowers! I cannot wait to see what happens!

I pray you had a lovely weekend as well, want to tell me about it?
I would love to hear!
xoxo M

My Fireking Jadeite dishes are my all time favorite. I have several bowls, cups and plates. :)

The succulents I purchased today. They are so darling!

My mother bought these globes for my birthday. I have them hanging in my window :)


  1. I've been wanting some hanging terrariums! I can't believe you got some! So jealous!


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