Monday, March 26, 2012

Pleasing Parfum!

It was a tragic Monday morning- I spritzed the last of my Black Orchid... that means I am currently Perfume Non Committal! I am back on the market for the perfect scent!
My past favorites are, in no particular order:
 Lovely, by SJP
Burberry Brit, by Burberry
Black Orchid, by Tom Ford
But, I feel as though I need to try something else, find something just as striking!
There are so many notes and layers of tones to choose from.. I have a difficult time explaining to you what my signature scent is, but I definitely know it when I see, well, smell it!
I just did a little 'research' on Sephora and saw that Tom Ford has a new scent called "Violet Blonde."

 Sounds like a perfect match- now, its time to let my nose decide.
Do you have any lovely scented advice? What is your signature scent?
XOXO Madelyn

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