Friday, March 30, 2012

Blonde ambition

I attended Glow Fashion show hosted by Alive Magazine at Windows on Washington last night with Rande. It was a great show. I prefer wearability over wacky inspirations- open to interpretations.
While waiting for the 'red carpet' I saw the cutest blonde in the cutest outfit- pink skinnys, blazer aaaaannnddd Litas! She looked great. She was wearing the nude Litas, which looked fab. She has definitely inspired me. I have the black glitter Litas- Which as fab themselves, but they are black, and not that versatile for spring wear...
So I checked out Solestuck today to see what they had available... My goodness there are too many options!!!
Love the freedom of choice!
God Bless the USA!

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  1. I LOVE nude shoes for versatility! I wear mine ALL the time. Thanks for all your kind words on my blog posts Madelyn. And to answer your question about the fingerless gloves, I did make up my own pattern. I find that to be the easiest although sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error before I get it right.


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