Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Toooomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow

Oh Annie.

Wishing I had a daddy Warbucks too... (in addition to my real family... ahem..)

So... Tomorrow is the 9th! That means my shoes from Solestruck will be shipping! I'm focusing all my energy on them, so that they will arrive ASAP. Preferrably by Friday at 5pm.

I found out that Esme likes yogurt, cookie dough, banana bread and wires.

Realized I should invest some time into making curtains... I just cannot get use to putting down the blinds. I love the open windows! Hey, if I can't see them, they are not there. Right?

The Hunger Games is amazing... Nearly spent an hour at the gym reading my Kindle on the stationary bike. My legs and behind are sore.

I need 45 more bottles of wine until my wine rack is filled!

I've already planned out where my next paycheck is going... goodbye savings. (expensive new camera, JC moto boots, flat screen tv, iPhone 4s, 40 bottles of wine, oh and curtain material.) I think its all justifiable...

I need to find someone to give me $50 for everytime I go to the powder room! Or a Sally Tomato. I'm great at weather reports.

xoxo M

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