Wednesday, February 29, 2012


My family and I participated in our first race of the year on Saturday- we ran 4 miles in a sandmind cave! It was beyond awesome. It was an obstacle race- there was fire, waist high water, rock hills, concrete walls, tunnels, sand mountains and hurdles that we were required to master in order to finish. My time wasn't superb, but I blame the line that I had to wait in, in order to climb one of the mountains. Only two ropes were available and we had to wait until the person in front finished.. that added at least 2 minutes. I completed the 4 miles in 37:41.
If you live in MO and appreciate outdoor activity, such as running, this race is for you!

We wore waterproof socks... which would have been great if the water wasn't up to our waist!

Being active is something both of my parents distilled in my sister and I all our life. They are two of the healthiest people I know. I love them for who they are and for who the made me become.
What outdoor activities do you enjoy? If you live in MO and are interested in being active- I would be very interested in joining you! I recently just purchased a 5 week boot camp session that will be held in Forest Park- I always prefer working out in groups. Contact me!

xoxo Madelyn


  1. That sounds like lots of fun! Although I'm sure I wouldn't have survived! :)

  2. Wow! Now that sounds awesome! I would be totally into that if it wasn't 4 miles! Maybe 1 mile of that! I'm not in shape enough for 4! Remember our spelunking days? How I miss them!

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