Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The last few

Busy Busy!!!
Oh how I love my friends, and going out with them even more!
My dear friend Julie is very involved with the Saint Louis scene, you can always find her at some super stylish Asian cafe, or the newest hot spot in town! On the Lunar New Year she took me to Harrah's Casino for the Red Envelope Event. We both won $10 cash and six scratch-off's! We had a fabulous dinner at Kelly English Steak House (the service was awesome, but the amout of time it took to cook a porterhouse medium rare, was unbelievable. We each finished our salads and appetizers, and still sat around looking at each other for another 30 minutes.) After dinner we convinced each other bet 'red' at the roulette table with our free cash. :)
I lost my $10.
But here we are showing off the goods!

Many thanks to Jeff Kapfer for the invite to the Arty Party at the Four Seasons! Jeff Kapfer is a local artist who is known for his Bird paintings. I love his artistic flair! A few new friends and I enjoyed a glass of Malbec at the bar Cielo, before proceeding to the Presidental Suite on the 19th floor for the Art show. :)

I spent Sunday with my folks, finishing up the latest project. The yellow egg crate.
With the help from my parents, we sanded down the yellow so that it looked slightly used and abused. I think it turned out wonderful.


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  1. Love the new yellow table! I want to see more pictures of your new place!! Miss you! xoxo


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