Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dire need

I need advice!!
This is especially directed towards bloggers and friends who are in constant contact with a camera.
It is finally time I retire my point and shoot, but I am having such a difficult time finding the right camera for me. I have no experience when it comes to SLR's and DSLR's, but I would be more than willing to gain the experience and takes classes.
A blogger that I follow uses a 4/3rds camera or a mirrorless camera... I'm not really certain of the difference. :\
She uses the new Olympus E-P3- its light, durable and small. It has an internal flash, but no view finder. It has interchangeable lenses, and a large LCD screen that is tiltable.
I know Canon's are highly used and raved about, but again, I need to hear others opinons on the matter. I would LOVE to hear what you use, and then also see photos that you have taken! :)
I prefer to keep my budget around $800 or less.

This camera would be used mainly for recreation, therefore it needs to be small enough for me to cart around town.

I sincerely appreciate your comments and advice. If you do not follow me, please leave a link to your blog!
Much love,


  1. I wish I could give advice, but I just use the Sony camera Corey got's not super fancy but does a pretty good job.

  2. Oh this is sooooo exciting! You get to buy a new camera! Yay! I'm so not the person to give advice on what kind you should get, but I thought maybe you could try leaving comments on some blogs with awesome photography. You could ask them what they use? It is just an idea...

    Love ya girl! Hope you have a lovely weekend!


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