Wednesday, February 29, 2012


My family and I participated in our first race of the year on Saturday- we ran 4 miles in a sandmind cave! It was beyond awesome. It was an obstacle race- there was fire, waist high water, rock hills, concrete walls, tunnels, sand mountains and hurdles that we were required to master in order to finish. My time wasn't superb, but I blame the line that I had to wait in, in order to climb one of the mountains. Only two ropes were available and we had to wait until the person in front finished.. that added at least 2 minutes. I completed the 4 miles in 37:41.
If you live in MO and appreciate outdoor activity, such as running, this race is for you!

We wore waterproof socks... which would have been great if the water wasn't up to our waist!

Being active is something both of my parents distilled in my sister and I all our life. They are two of the healthiest people I know. I love them for who they are and for who the made me become.
What outdoor activities do you enjoy? If you live in MO and are interested in being active- I would be very interested in joining you! I recently just purchased a 5 week boot camp session that will be held in Forest Park- I always prefer working out in groups. Contact me!

xoxo Madelyn

Monday, February 27, 2012


Oh how I've missed her... (My entire life.)


Friday, February 24, 2012

Winter Favorites

I find it very interesting how my tastes change so frequently. Especially when it comes to hair care. My last 'favorites' post was back in the summer, a few staples I know I will never betray. Such as my face wash, thats about it. : )
Do you ever get in this funk, maybe its work or school related, but you're certain that the only thing that will cheer you up is the found in the hair care isle? I used to do this, mmmm, every other week or so. Honestly. My bathroom cabinets would be full of 3/4 full shampoo and conditioner bottles. I've since managed that part of my wasteful spending. Now I only buy a new product if I am running close to empty. *Pats self on back*

Here are my winter time favorites. (I only say winter time, because its what I've been using since summer ended.)

1. Cetaphil. What would I do without you. You leave my skin clean, smooth and break out free
(Most of the time)
2. DevaCurl. I found a sample size of this curl cream when I was flying out to San Diego.
I've been using this awesome stuff for 4 years now. Paraben and sulfate free
with a delicious lemon lime scent
3. gud Shampoo. From the makes of Burts Bees. Healthy stuff, and smells great
4. Moroccan Oil. I put a super tiny dab in my palms and rub through my hair
after blow drying. I love the smell and makes my curls shiny
5. Crest Whitening Strips. Duh, every girls lover, second to their hair brush.
6. JASON vitamin E oil. I use this everywhere, skin and scalp.
My hair and scalp get so dry in the winter, this is my
number one hair mask choice

What are some of your all time and seasonal favorites?

xoxo M

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Espresso! Pronto!

I just got my Bialetti espresso maker in the mail! Straight from Italy! :)
Come over and let me play barista with you! Xoxo

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pretty Peplum!

Loving this Spring trend! I have a feeling it will be a big hit since seen on the RTW Spring/Summer runways across the world! Here are a handful of my favorites and 'best worn' examples!
xoxo Mattie


I finally got an iPhone! So far it is amazing, no fights with Siri yet...
The video is a must see, so hilarious, although a little crude... I would rate it "R."
Parental discretion is advised.


xoxo M

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winter Birthdays and Parties

I got together with my family on Saturday to celebrate the many February birthdays! It was wonderful seeing my Aunts and Uncles and cousins again so soon after Christmas! What was even sweeter, my awesome Godmother made me special gluten free brownies, Yummy.

Somehow I got suckered into playing poker... I lost 'all-in' on the first hand, but my gracious uncle bought me back in!
It got a little crazy, as usual... but it was so fun.

 Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Grandmother!

I need to work on my Poker Face

Here we are... getting a little crazy... 'Meatball Shots' for everyone!!

Much love and thanks to my Marvelous Mother, she sent me the cutest Valentines gift- a crocheted wash cloth, soap from the newest batch and a dark chocolate peep. Love. Her.

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day too.
Mine was spectacular. xo M

Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow day!

I wish!!
If it were a snow day, I would most definitely be doing some reading! I'm about to start the third and final book of the Hunger Games- if you haven't already read it, READ it! Amazing.
Xo M

Friday, February 10, 2012


Out with a good friend, first visiting the contemporary art show at Craft Alliance, then drinks and seafood at Kota, now enjoying a little hookah. (:

Office space

Our office had a flat screen telly installed today... Goodbye thoughts of working out in the gym down the hall at lunch...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Toooomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow

Oh Annie.

Wishing I had a daddy Warbucks too... (in addition to my real family... ahem..)

So... Tomorrow is the 9th! That means my shoes from Solestruck will be shipping! I'm focusing all my energy on them, so that they will arrive ASAP. Preferrably by Friday at 5pm.

I found out that Esme likes yogurt, cookie dough, banana bread and wires.

Realized I should invest some time into making curtains... I just cannot get use to putting down the blinds. I love the open windows! Hey, if I can't see them, they are not there. Right?

The Hunger Games is amazing... Nearly spent an hour at the gym reading my Kindle on the stationary bike. My legs and behind are sore.

I need 45 more bottles of wine until my wine rack is filled!

I've already planned out where my next paycheck is going... goodbye savings. (expensive new camera, JC moto boots, flat screen tv, iPhone 4s, 40 bottles of wine, oh and curtain material.) I think its all justifiable...

I need to find someone to give me $50 for everytime I go to the powder room! Or a Sally Tomato. I'm great at weather reports.

xoxo M

Dire need

I need advice!!
This is especially directed towards bloggers and friends who are in constant contact with a camera.
It is finally time I retire my point and shoot, but I am having such a difficult time finding the right camera for me. I have no experience when it comes to SLR's and DSLR's, but I would be more than willing to gain the experience and takes classes.
A blogger that I follow uses a 4/3rds camera or a mirrorless camera... I'm not really certain of the difference. :\
She uses the new Olympus E-P3- its light, durable and small. It has an internal flash, but no view finder. It has interchangeable lenses, and a large LCD screen that is tiltable.
I know Canon's are highly used and raved about, but again, I need to hear others opinons on the matter. I would LOVE to hear what you use, and then also see photos that you have taken! :)
I prefer to keep my budget around $800 or less.

This camera would be used mainly for recreation, therefore it needs to be small enough for me to cart around town.

I sincerely appreciate your comments and advice. If you do not follow me, please leave a link to your blog!
Much love,

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The last few

Busy Busy!!!
Oh how I love my friends, and going out with them even more!
My dear friend Julie is very involved with the Saint Louis scene, you can always find her at some super stylish Asian cafe, or the newest hot spot in town! On the Lunar New Year she took me to Harrah's Casino for the Red Envelope Event. We both won $10 cash and six scratch-off's! We had a fabulous dinner at Kelly English Steak House (the service was awesome, but the amout of time it took to cook a porterhouse medium rare, was unbelievable. We each finished our salads and appetizers, and still sat around looking at each other for another 30 minutes.) After dinner we convinced each other bet 'red' at the roulette table with our free cash. :)
I lost my $10.
But here we are showing off the goods!

Many thanks to Jeff Kapfer for the invite to the Arty Party at the Four Seasons! Jeff Kapfer is a local artist who is known for his Bird paintings. I love his artistic flair! A few new friends and I enjoyed a glass of Malbec at the bar Cielo, before proceeding to the Presidental Suite on the 19th floor for the Art show. :)

I spent Sunday with my folks, finishing up the latest project. The yellow egg crate.
With the help from my parents, we sanded down the yellow so that it looked slightly used and abused. I think it turned out wonderful.

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