Thursday, January 26, 2012

This Sale is Raven!

Esme woke me up earlier than usual this morning. I was definitely in need of some inspiration and motivation to get up and going. (I would have preferred to stay in bed dreaming about my night. I should look into a coffee maker that I can set an alarm for...) anyway, I found the motivation I was looking for- Flashsale at Solestruck.
Need I say more?

I started off with 7 pairs in my cart. I narrowed it down to 2 great shoes.
The Senso Neve are a little different for me. I never wear color on my feet, unless its a cute summery strappy sandal. Here's the thing though- there were five different colors of this shoe, and ALL were sold out! The Blue was the only one available, and they only had size 5 left... it was practically screaming my name.

Matiko Autmn

Senso Neve

I am very excited for the boots- I've been wearing the same pair of riding boots for 5 years. I have completely wore the sole out. It is so bad, that I cannot wear them outside when its raining (so I invested in a great pair of rain boots!)- the holes in the sole make my feet wet. : ( Such a sad sad story. The thing is, I LOVE these boots. They were an Urban Outfitters renewal- so they are vintage... one of a kind! They fit over jeans, and look great with skirts. Simple, yet refined. My mother says I should take them to a cobbler and have the sole repaired/replaced. But I'm afraid the shoemaker will laugh in my face! The boots are only worth the memories, they are only valuable to me. They are not a high end shoe, they were poorly put together, although they are real leather I had to glue the heel back on a couple years ago. I don't think I would want to spend more on the repairs than the boot itself... ah, I'm rambling. There are MUCH bigger things to worry aboot. : )

Another reason I am raving over these shoes- they have a heel! I need all the inches I can get!! From here on out- every shoe, must have a lift!!
Love you all.

Have a fantastic day and praise the Lord.

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