Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday's Fascinators

I attended a "SpeakEasy" hosted by Design Speak at Blood and Sand Wednesday night. It was a lot of fun, a great networking event for extremely creative and bold people.
The place alone was bold and creative! Blood and Sand is located off St. Charles and 15th Street downtown St. Louis. It is a fabulous member exclusive restaurant.
I started off the evening with a martini called "Start Wearing Purple." It was as extraordinary as its name. I was slightly hesitant when I saw the lovely bartender crack and egg and pour the white of the egg into the shaker...
But I am a New Girl, looking for interesting and courageous things to try! The drink was divine. Probably my favorite, but I doubt the local pub can serve anything close. I can only imagine the looks people will give me if I say "Start Wearing Purple please" to the tenders of the bar...
Ah well.
A membership only restaurant is a fantastic idea- the owners get to choose who can be a member or not, they have every right to deny your entry! And rightfully so! It would be a networking event everytime you go! The amazing, note worthy chefs and owners cater to you! I've peeked at their Facebook Page , they post their differing menus pretty frequently!
Anyway, I am way off topic... to reiterate the moral of the story... after attending the Design Speak event, I have become once again inspired by interior design. I hope you will as well!


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