Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Thanks to a good friend, Ali, for pointing me in the direction of a fabulous blogger, Mrs. Adventure, I was inspired to repurpose something. The post that Ali shared was of a suitcase turned into side table. It was beyond fabulous... and I have been begging my father to make me a coffee table... so finally, this weekend we put our minds together.

As soon as I saw that suitcase table, see the post here, I showed it to my parents and they set out on the search to find the perfect suitcase in the attic. There were several that my father had acquired many many years ago, from a dear friend and neighbor. Just as I was about to say, "This one!" I turned and looked at my father, who was holding Stella our family dog (she is a golden retriever/standard poodle mix- so not a small dog that one can just hold...) I lost all concentration, and thats when it happened. As I was laughing at the sight, my eyes caught this anitque egg crate that was hidden under the sewing table. I knew that was going to be our project.
This crate is dated 1942. My mother has had it for as long as I can remember. My sister and I use to store our toys in it. It has been painted and stenciled- this would most definitely have to go. And It would need legs if its going to be a coffee table.
So we set out to the wood shop. My father cut legs out of a piece of reclaimed barn wood and got to work. Mom and I went to the store to pick out a color. I knew I wanted it to be some sort of yellow.

I left there Sunday, not exactly in love with the yellow, I think it needs to be more bold. This yellow reminds me of Easter... We may be altering it a bit come this weekend...


Fit & Active

Wow, goodbye January, Heeeelllllo February! That was pretty darn quick...
So the last 5 weeks have been insanely busy for me. A hectic schedule isn't something that I've had to deal with in a LONG time. But change is good, so I welcome it. But I've gotten to the point where I have NO time for myself. I'm thinking that's why I was so sluggish last weekend. I must not forget to take time off. I went from spending three nights at the gym to one! That is a big no no, especially with spring break right around the corner, and that 4 mile sperunking run (check is out HERE )! Beginning in the month of February, I have pre-planned my workouts and placed "BLOCKED" on random days throughout my planner. : )

Blessed in the Midwest!! I cannot believe this amazing weather we've been having!! And.. the sun is taking a little bit longer each day to set... Love this. I raced home on Friday night at 5pm to run, get this, OUTSIDE! Praise the Lord for longer days!

It was a little chilly, but thanks to my amazeballs sister for knitting me my ear warmer. : ) To see it up close, check out an older post Here .

I was a little messy, to beat the sunset I grabbed the first pair of running shorts and a warm workout shirt. Pink and red, and oh my goodness, my knitted socks... BUT they kept my toesies warm. xoxo
I had just gotten back from running as fast as I could, I was out of breath and cold!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

This Sale is Raven!

Esme woke me up earlier than usual this morning. I was definitely in need of some inspiration and motivation to get up and going. (I would have preferred to stay in bed dreaming about my night. I should look into a coffee maker that I can set an alarm for...) anyway, I found the motivation I was looking for- Flashsale at Solestruck.
Need I say more?

I started off with 7 pairs in my cart. I narrowed it down to 2 great shoes.
The Senso Neve are a little different for me. I never wear color on my feet, unless its a cute summery strappy sandal. Here's the thing though- there were five different colors of this shoe, and ALL were sold out! The Blue was the only one available, and they only had size 5 left... it was practically screaming my name.

Matiko Autmn

Senso Neve

I am very excited for the boots- I've been wearing the same pair of riding boots for 5 years. I have completely wore the sole out. It is so bad, that I cannot wear them outside when its raining (so I invested in a great pair of rain boots!)- the holes in the sole make my feet wet. : ( Such a sad sad story. The thing is, I LOVE these boots. They were an Urban Outfitters renewal- so they are vintage... one of a kind! They fit over jeans, and look great with skirts. Simple, yet refined. My mother says I should take them to a cobbler and have the sole repaired/replaced. But I'm afraid the shoemaker will laugh in my face! The boots are only worth the memories, they are only valuable to me. They are not a high end shoe, they were poorly put together, although they are real leather I had to glue the heel back on a couple years ago. I don't think I would want to spend more on the repairs than the boot itself... ah, I'm rambling. There are MUCH bigger things to worry aboot. : )

Another reason I am raving over these shoes- they have a heel! I need all the inches I can get!! From here on out- every shoe, must have a lift!!
Love you all.

Have a fantastic day and praise the Lord.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Update!

Another busy weekend came and went... Not sure whats gotten into me, but I just felt so sluggish and tired all weekend! I pray its not a cold. I've doubled my Astralagus and Vitamin C to keep it at bay!

Enjoying lunch with my folks Saturday afternoon- Look who thinks is invited...

I bought tickets to the Blues game for my entire family- to celebrate my fathers bday. We won! And some great fights took place. My mother hated it. :)

Went antique shopping on Sunday. I found this lovely fur jacket. It fits me perfectly... If its still there... its mine!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Oh my goodness gracious.
I got my biweekly email from Solestruck last night while lying bed, because that is what I do, I check my personal emails before sleepy time... and let me tell you, I immediately sat straight up, gasping "UUUHHHH", and causing my cat to flee from sight of me.
How amazeballs are these shoes? Can we even consider these shoes? they are so amazing they need their own category... pumps, shoes, heels, will NOT due.

I am lost for words.

So of course I clicked on the link, I thought to myself 'I MUST HAVE THESE.' They are not too ridiculous in price and they have sizes 6-11 in stock... I usually wear size 5, but I would have made them work! Insoles are my besties.
But... This morning... when I went to drool over them again... only sizes 8 and 11 were available!!! argh.
Solestruck... please... getmoreinstockIloveyou.


Friday, January 20, 2012

la la land

La La Land goes wild from Daisy Linhares on Vimeo.

Friday's Fascinators

I attended a "SpeakEasy" hosted by Design Speak at Blood and Sand Wednesday night. It was a lot of fun, a great networking event for extremely creative and bold people.
The place alone was bold and creative! Blood and Sand is located off St. Charles and 15th Street downtown St. Louis. It is a fabulous member exclusive restaurant.
I started off the evening with a martini called "Start Wearing Purple." It was as extraordinary as its name. I was slightly hesitant when I saw the lovely bartender crack and egg and pour the white of the egg into the shaker...
But I am a New Girl, looking for interesting and courageous things to try! The drink was divine. Probably my favorite, but I doubt the local pub can serve anything close. I can only imagine the looks people will give me if I say "Start Wearing Purple please" to the tenders of the bar...
Ah well.
A membership only restaurant is a fantastic idea- the owners get to choose who can be a member or not, they have every right to deny your entry! And rightfully so! It would be a networking event everytime you go! The amazing, note worthy chefs and owners cater to you! I've peeked at their Facebook Page , they post their differing menus pretty frequently!
Anyway, I am way off topic... to reiterate the moral of the story... after attending the Design Speak event, I have become once again inspired by interior design. I hope you will as well!



"You have to die a few times before you can really live."

I'm having a hard time understanding this. 'To die' is so hard, real and ugly- a misfortune.
Would it be safe to translate it "You have to fail a few times before you really succeed"?

Are they one in the same?

I believe in failure, however I don't believe it's a necessity. Many can go through life without the memories of failing, only thoughts of mere bumps in the journey of life. I spent most of my days at a stable when in middle and high school, there was a sign that said "You have to learn how to fall before you learn to ride." I took this to heart. I fell a few times, getting back on that horse helped me grow with a heart full of courage.
I believe in pushing yourself. Pushing yourself to step out of the comfort zone. Yes, its very uncomfortable, but you have to train yourself to not look back.
I have nearly mastered this.
Continously experiencing new and foreign emotions.
I'm addicted.

Not 'to die,' but to live! I say nay to the above quote, You have to live a few times, before you can REALLY live.

My Soap Box.
xoxo Mads

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Luminary!

Love these guys! Brea and James are wonderful people who have a fantastic drive to do 'good' with art! Help them move to Cherokee Street!! Donate as little as $5, and receive a gift!

Who they are: "The Luminary is an artist-run resourcing institution that seeks to provide meaningful support to emerging artists, audiences and appreciators in the St. Louis area."

Monday, January 16, 2012


I finally made my first bread yesterday! And it is gluten free! My mother gave me this lovely vintage jadite dish, she knows I had an extreme love for all things jadite. :)
The banana bread is fantastic!

Baker girl

Friday, January 13, 2012

Bird Bag!

Love my 'Bird Bag' by Jeff Kapfer!
I use it for all my errand running!!
Have a great Friday the 13th dear friends!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Team Spirit

At the Blues game! Blues vs Canucks!! And were on the glass baby!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Movie review

There is always a 'first,' and a movie review by Madelyn is one of them.
I just had a lovely night out with a new friend. (Any great relationship must first begin with a friendship.)
I was taken to see the movie "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." Very interesting movie... Still not sure what its about- like TEN different things. An affair, korruption, a murder, strange one sided love story. Extremely dark and LONG. Not an ideal first date movie, but maybe the third ;)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


New Years Eve preparation
Riding in convertibles with boys
Visiting Sedona with Kayla and Adam

Monday, January 9, 2012

Quick photo diary from the last few months...
My favorite item in my closet- this lovely metallic blazer, paired with my favorite bright J. Crew t-shirt and the lovely metallic hand knitted scarf

A quick snap from the Holiday Trunk Show hosted at Michael Drummonds art loft downtown

Enjoying my favorite glass of Cab at Perennial Artisan Ales located at 8125 Michigan Ave, formerly known as the Coca Cola Syrup Plant- now owned by Steins Broadway Management Co

I was taken on a private tour of the brewery- amazed that they use my FAVORITE winery as additives to their amazing brews

And a quick hello from my desk.

Have a lovely Monday. I'll be back shortly.
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