Thursday, September 29, 2011


Last week the RFT was at one of my favorite South City bars! Halfway Haus! (Mainly because its my bosses bar... and because it truly is AWESOME.) They had the garage door open, the weather was perfect. A local blues band was playing some great tunes, and the FREE PBR was flowing for 2 hours!
Where were you?!?!

A little sad about this photo- My Grettas were cut out!!!! :(

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


As my closest friends know, I've lived in the same great apartment for 4 years. I have tossed around with the idea of moving out earlier this year, but I wasn't ready... But now- I've finally decided to take that step and move. And I realized today, that I'm kind of scared...
That means no more roommate, new decor and furniture, and a new neighborhood to get to know. At first I was very excited and could not wait to start looking and viewing places... Well I walked through my first potential apartment last night, and now I have mixed feelings- a little nervous but excited at the same time.
I try to welcome change, but this is so big! I will be living on my own, in a new place.. and winter is on its way... I keep thinking, 'what if I become a hermit in the winter, staying in all the time because it's depressing living alone?' Geez, someone please keep tabs on me and drag me out if I've gone missing for days at a time.

What was your first 'living alone' experience like?

What advice can you give this scared-of-living-alone girl?

Monday, September 26, 2011

In the Mail!

I cannot wait until next week!
I just ordered a few things from Zara and cannot wait till they arrive. 2-4 business days... I am crossing my fingers for a Friday delivery... But I will be happy if they come on Monday.
After reviewing my fall wardrobe I noticed I am running low on pants. I wear a lot of skirts, and I usually wear the same skirts year round, except with tights in colder weather, so it's about time I expand my pant selection. Usually I spend a few paychecks at J Crew, but my goodness Zara is a lot more afordable- hopefully they are made well. I do prefer Quality over Quantity, and my J Crews always impress me. So here is hoping.
If you've ever purchased from Zara, please tell me about your experience!!


Here's one of the items I purchased: (contrasting waist band)

Speed Racer

What a great weekend spent with my Father! I participated in my fifth 5K of the year on Saturday at Cedar Hill Cellars in Wright City Missouri! We ran 3.2 miles through fields, woods and a creek. My brand new Nike's got a little dirty, but I can't think of better way to break them in. There were about 100 runners, including me and my father, and couple friends from High School. And what made it better- I won 3rd place (in my age group.) It was my best personal time yet- 30.15. Not great, but I ran under 10 minutes!

I ran over 6 miles this weekend- I got inspired to train for a half marathon... I doubt this motivation will continue on much longer, but I like to push myself... and I also think my NEW shoes have something to do with it!
Congrats to me!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bonfire Parties

OH my Goodness, how excited are you for FALL colors, smells, tastes and parties?!
Its been a while since I've hosted a bonfire at my parents property- this is a must this year! Invite and bring all your friends! (And don't forget the tent). I'll provide hot hard cider and all the warmth you can gather from the hot fire. Let's share stories and make new memories!

I loved putting the collection together below- my all time favorite staple for colder weather= riding boots! And I thoroughly enjoyed checking out the overly expensive boots available. My second favorite clothing item- Sweaters. All kinds- colorful, overly large, cropped and especially knitted.
BUT my new favorite cutsey item- the feathered headband... like a Native American Indian!! How cute?! I would absolutely wear this, I love it.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


What is the purpose of limits? Are they meant to be compromised so we can expand them?

We all have them, and they can be found everywhere; credit cards, speed, weight, etc. I have MANY personal limitations, but I often find myself pushing the barriers, or I have no idea they are there until it's too late. We put limits on how much we eat, spend, how many dates we go on before taking him home, etc. Some limits are set in stone, no matter what happens we will not let ourselves exceed the limitation. But then there are others where we let it slip, we can get by with breaking them. Sure we feel bad the next day. We tell ourselves, "Not next time, this won't happen again." Why is this? What makes them differ? What makes it ok?

One of my limits that I confront weekly is AGE. How old is too old for a 24 SWF?

Necessary limitations:
Clothes purchases
Alcoholic beverages

What are your personal limitations?


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stress Reliever

Wow, today has been so hectic in the office... trying to finish up our SHTC reports so we can finally get some MULAH...
One thing that definitely helps me get through the day; my latte from the Broadway Bean. When I went in this morning, Larry introduced this really cute guy to me, he said, "This is Paul from!" I was so confused... he explained that Paul has this warehouse where people can login and shoot him with a paintball gun. Apparently its all streamed live so you can purchase a round and shoot him or the furniture all day! Wow, so neat.. a genius idea... who would have thought...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Alexander McQueen Chain Trim Leather Boots

These Alexander McQueen chain trim leather boots are breathtaking. And only at $1900!! You can find these on Net-a-porter. I would LOVE to incorporate these into my fall wardrobe.
I wear size 6- feel free to spoil me. : )


Gloomy Sunday

I will be spending this gloomy Sunday in the city doing nothing much other than laundry... : )
My cousin got married yesterday at a beautiful winery in Augusta. I had a wonderful time with my family who I haven't seen since Fathers Day. It was filled with food and wine, dancing and sharing memorable stories. I love my family more than anything. Hopefully I can mooch some pictures from my Aunt...

While waiting on laundry to begin I found these beautiful photos that I must share.

Miu Miu glitter heels. Amazeballs

Lea Michele is breathtaking in Valentino.
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