Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Warms your sole

Many thanks to avid readers and commenters! I have been meaning to post about my recent little (big) project, but have been so busy with other things. Its been a strange week... can't wait for it to pass! Saturday come quickly!

I should have snapped a few photos before I mattress stitched them together. The thing is, after I steamed the socks, they no longer looked like socks... they looked like stockings that should be hung from the mantel! They were ginormous, and I hated them. Thankfully my wonderfully talented mother was around and she saved the day by throwing them in the wash. Since the socks are 100% wool, they 'felted' in the warm water, causing them to sort of 'melt' together and slightly shrink. Now- they are perfect, and totally wearable. I wore them all day today with my riding boots and skirt. So warm and comfy. You truly cannot buy socks this thick and comfortable.

Steamed, seamed and felted

The 'ribbing' is slightly unnoticable because they have been washed

Inside out- seamed from the back of ankle down to toe under the foot

Seam under foot- not noticeable when wearing shoes

Knitting is slightly more challenging than crochet- multiple needles are required and there are too many types of stitches to count. Although crocheting is fast, fun and easy, I do prefer knitting.
However, once you learn the basics, you are home free! Lots of awesome tutorials online! I challenge you, and hopefully I inspire you as well.

Just a few photos from the past week:

My mother (basket weaver, knitter, rug hooker, card maker, soap maker, and super mom) has made more batches of soap than I can ever remember! Of course everyone she knows has asked some, and is almost already sold out before its finished curing! Love all these combinations. Coffee, coconut, peppermint, bluberry, lemon, lavender. Oh they are divine. All natural igredients used. All essential oils come from whole foods, lard and lye are purchased local, and the goats milk is provided by dear friends and neighbors. You can find her shop on Etsy! Shop name: patvogler, or bittersweetpat.

This is my fav! Peppermint!

Esme and I, my knitting helper

As friends know, I am gluten free. This bisquick (besides being a fourth the size as the regular) is amazing, no difference in taste, texture or cooking.

Premade pizza crusts from Udi's! Fabulous! Yummy. I need more!

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