Saturday, December 24, 2011


The stars. Oh how I miss them. They are so strangely bright in the country. I find myself getting lost the night sky, completely forgetting about what's going on around me. I get sucked in, lose sense of time. How long can I stand there gazing up occasionally turning my head for other views, my mouth wide open from stretching my head back so far as to see every part of the deep blue? Hours, until I am chilled to the bone. I love it out here, especially when the clouds are nonexistent.
Nights like these cause me to hate the city, you can't see the stars the way you can out in the wide open. So peaceful, opens your mind. My heart will always belong where the stars shine brightly.

Night owl madelyn

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  1. Love this. So poetic and perfect. I feel the same way. -M.E.


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