Thursday, December 29, 2011

Outfit 12.31.2011

I know I will be jinxing myself by posting this... it always happens, but I am confident I will find a way 'out.'

My new years outfit planning began a few weeks ago. I ordered several things from Hallelu, and I was totally surprised with what I received. Everything that I ordered was marvelous, and the clothing tags made me adore them even more.
As many know I live in St. Louis Missouri, when I think about New Years in the midwest it immediately gives me chills... Short dresses in the middle of winter?! Burrr! BUT good news- its suppose to be 56 on Saturday!! I believe it snowed last year...

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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress! And hopefully the weather will be what it says its gonna be! Love the Scripture verse. Was that attached to the packaging?


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