Monday, December 12, 2011

In the Spirit

For a few weeks I've been contemplated buying a Christmas tree, but then the analytical Madelyn began to think:
1. I have a car- how would I haul it?
2. I have NO tree decorations, I don't want to spend valuable money on a rush-ornament purchase.
3. I may not have the muscles to carry the tree up 3 flights of stairs
4. Esme may attack the tree

SO... I decided to get a little creative, and do a little searching for the best plan(t). Of course my mothers Country Living magazines and this little thing called Pinterest. : )

While my parents and Stella (family dog, Goldendoodle) and I searchd our fields for the best Christmas tree for the House, I cut a few branches for my quaint little apartment.

I potted the branches in Mason jars and covered in burlap sack, and the tree is potted in an antique crock.

My parents wild grown Christmas Tree


  1. That house fire should begin nicely now.

  2. So cute! I love your trees! You could have borrowed all my ornaments that are sitting in my shed! I'm not using them this year... :(

  3. I absolutely love that burlap sack idea! Looks great!


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