Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We Give Thanks and Praise

Thanksgiving, a week away.
I have yet to meet someone who believes this year passed slowly. It is truly unbelievable how fast the years have been passing. I signed my name the other day at the bank, with the date 2008. What the heck was I thinking?
Seriously... 2012, I am NOT ready for you or Armageddon. What happened to the Mayans anyway?

Even though time is passing too fast to stop and think about yesterday, I feel as though I am caught up- there is not one stone I walked by that has yet to be unturned. Its a rather peaceful realization.
I find myself always looking forward to tomorrow, but far to often, its here, and I have to get out of bed already...
Day after day, I am thankful for all those who have been a part of my life, chapter after chapter.

Seriously thanks:
My family
Mi familia's health
Friends (and my blog followers- seriously seriously)
My job, education, intelligence
My ability to escape unscathed
Right to bear arms (Charlie, my 38spl)
My car for making it another 20k miles, lets do 100k more!
Esme (my recently adopted chitty chat)
My ableness (to conquer all that stands in my way)
Self motivation (to do something, not to not do something... my motivation to not spend money- is not on the list.)

Silliness thanks:
Internet- Online banking, piperlime, blogging and solestruck
Brita filters
Jeffery Campbell
Vanilla Vodka
Gluten Free recipes
Knitting needles
Whole Foods/Trader Joes
Simon & Garfunkel
Record players


What are you thankful for dearest readers and followers?

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  1. Currently I'm thankful for awesome co-workers that have been so sweet to me as I say goodbye to STL. Also for all the delicious treats they brought in today...seriously I can't go hungry today even if I tried. Sooo many snacks! Yummm!


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