Friday, November 4, 2011

Riverfront Times hosts "Best of St. Louis" at City Museum

Last night was the "Best of St. Louis 2011," a celebration of all that's still marvelous about the town we call home. It was held at the City Museum and was incredible. As mentioned before I got a VIP ticket so I had access to the wine and food bar all night. : ) The food was catered by Wild Flower and it was pretty interesting. They had a whole roasted pig laid out on a table for all to grab at, a table of raw "fresh killed" vegetables, and a table covered with homemade potato chips.
Now- I've never been to the City Museum so I had no idea what to expect. And of course I would NEVER attend an evening event in pants, so I wore a dress and warm tights (since it was bitter cold and windy in the city) with my 5 inch Jeffery Campbells. Well, for those of you who also have never experienced this museum, there are mainy places where you are required to climb, crawl, hunch over, and slide down. Best advice I can give- don't wear a dress or skirt. But don't think my attire stopped me from participating. I crawled around in the caves, and climbed up 10 stories and slid ALL the way down. I made it down about 2 stories without screaming... but after that I couldn't help it. BEST slide ever.
From the caves, being inside a whale, the tree house and the vintage clothing store upstairs- best museum ever. Congrats to all the Bests!

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I've still never been to the museum, it's very sad. You looked adorable!


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