Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The dilemma's of a single 24 year old female

I'm cooking dinner tonight, a mozzarella tomato penne bake thing, for just ME.
Here's the kicker- do I open the bottle of pinot noir that's been on my wine rack for the last month, and watch reruns of Arrested Development? Or do I drink milk and go to the gym? So frustrating... Once that wine bottle opens, there is NO way I can workout too.
After several minutes and tossing of the pasta later, I still haven't decided what to do.
Oh wish me luck..


  1. Here's an idea...come pack for us! :p

  2. No! I refuse to HELP you guys leave me.
    I'm losing my two best friends!! You need to recruit replacements

  3. Gosh, I am the worst, so unprepared. I did't have a can opener, so I had to pry open the can of tomatos with a knife and fork... Go ahead and say it. "Dork."


    But it was a fabulous dinner... Esme thought so too.

  4. Wine Baby! hahah...I am not a good workout accountabilibuddy!


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