Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday!

If you know me personally, you understand that I am NOT a bargain shopper. Most of my friends, the extremely creative and stylish friends, can walk into any bargain store (Marshalls, Goodwill, etc) and find the pieces that are great staples for extremely cheap. I don't know what it is, I guess I don't have the 'eye'. I would prefer to go to a J. Crew or Urban Outfitters and shop the no sale section. This is bad... for my pocket book. But its not just bargain stores, its a 'bargain' sale in general. I don't like shopping with crowds, I don't like lines, in order for it to be a pleasant shopping experience I want to be in, find, try, buy and out. Therefore I did not and will not ever attend a black friday madhouse sale at any store... even if its at Jimmy Choo.
Well, since my sister and I, and my mother all had Friday free we decided to go antiquing! Now vintage shopping is my all time favorite kind of shopping!! We went to Montgomery MO, close to where my parents farm is, to search for our most coveted treasures. And it was fantastic. I found several paintings with awesome frames for super cheap, a classic royal blue sewing ottoman, a matching sugar and creamer (USA china) and a wire basket. (pictures will follow.)
We spent all day perusing the isles of this amazing antique mall- I swear it went on for a mile!
The three of us finished the day off with weaving a basket at Bittersweet Baskets, and also making soap!
I love my family, they are truly the best family, so creative and active, I couldn't ask for a better family.

Thankful and Blessed.

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  1. That sounds like a lovely black friday outing! We just painted and renovated Liz's house! crazy shopping for us either!


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