Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures

Again- my dearest friends and fabulous followers all know I will be moving SO SOON... so I have been completely obsessed with interior design photography. I find myself saving TONS of photos that I stumble across, and I love to look at them while dreaming up my newly to-be-designed bedroom/living room/kitchen/nook.
Here are a few of my current obsessions.

Happy Tuesday- I'm determined to make this a good week!!

Amazing colors.

My main attention is the red bookcases. Must paint mine...

Love the wall hangings and paper, the jade lamp shade is SO ME.

LOVE the color here, mixed with different patterned and textures. I like how the greens clash- it works so WELL!

Cute- I do not like the flooring, but the desk, pictures and trinkets are nice

this is just about my style in a netshell. Maybe add a little cutsey color. But I love the chairs, love the antique dresser and mirror, and then you throw in a metalic, mirrored lamp. Love it.

The 'loft' feel of this is fantastic. manly, rugged, strong

I like some pieces of this, but not completely my style. 

I adore the dotted hangings/curtains


  1. Everyone needs a good ole' fashioned steamer trunk to store their snake skinned pants.

    I like the vintage furniture.

  2. haha. Yes yes. I whole heartedly agree!!

    Thank you- You've got good taste then!!

    But there is one thing that I'm curious about, check out one of my first blog posts- back in March... I can't remember the title of it, but its about an animal... lol.
    Let me know how you feel about it...

  3. Having grown up around a lot of dead animals stuffed with stuffing... I'm not a fan of dead things on my walls.

    However, dead things do make nice pants.

    Sweet Jackalope.

    I'd mount it in the area above the head of your bed.

  4. Oh really? A LOT of dead aniamals?! Can you briefly explain your childhood??

    Yes, the Jackalope was done really well! I can't wait to hang it somewhere.... Ill have to think about putting it above my bed- not my first intention. I was thinking in the living room or hallway... above a bookcase or next to framed photos/art...


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