Monday, October 3, 2011

Thrift Shopping Sundays

Oh how I love the Sunday morning flea market in Wentzville. In the summer my family and I would go the flea market every Sunday before church. Its been about 2 months since I've been, but I went yesterday and my goodness did I find some great treasures. The first great buy was the set of Fire King jadite plates- the guy was asking $25 for the set!!! What a steal! He must have NOT known what he was selling. You can't find a single plate for less than $10, and in any antique mall, they are well over $15 a piece...

I pondered on it for a bit while holding them close, I looked around a little more and found an adorable mustard yellow decorative flower pot. I walked up to the man and said- 'Okay, I'll pay you $25 for all of this." and he replied "Sold."
I also found a common clear Fire King 8x8 square baking dish for $2 and a pair of marble horse head bookends for $10. What a great day! I cannot wait to decorate my new place. : )

But that is not all, Friends...
After lunch, in between Sex in the City seasons, I drove up to the local antique store to see what they had in store. They had several jadite bowls and cups, but nothing for less than $30.. sheesh... but I did snag a 1950's 3 tier white metal laundry cart on wheels for $27. I thought it would be perfect as a bar cart, or a tea/coffee cart. I can see it now, sitting beside me as I blog in my new livingroom, with either a tea pot and my jadite saucer and cups with my breakfast of eggs and bacon, or holding a bottle of red with my cheese and crackers.. : )

What a great Sunday in the country!


  1. Gorgeous plates!! Don't you love it when you find a dealer who has no idea the treasure they're selling? ;)

  2. Love your finds!! Love that flea market!


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