Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reblogged 10.25.2011

Love these ombre nails... I'm going to try this tonight with gold and brown!

Cute and colorful. Love the pink trimmed doors

Adore the wall hangings

I am missing spring

Perfect coffee table

Pink sweater- Zara. Love this look. I still need a denium button collared shrit

I found a bear skin at the Wentzville Flea Market Sunday- $450... a little too much... It had the head, and claws!

I found a great wooden tray at the flea market as well- pefect for my serving glasses

Must find open toe booties, and a big faux fur coat!

Not a big fan of Olivia- but I adore her style 100% of the time. Looking at the see through skirt here. Love it!

Must try this next summer-

I fond a mirror like this one at the market, but it was WAY too heavy, and not tall enough to just lean against the wall.

Makes me miss my short summer vacay in Phoenix.

Wanted: Book shelf!

All time favorite movie- and completely feeling this way- all I have in my fridge is champagne and milk.
Ballet shoes are still in packed away

Love these gold pants

I've been really attracted to sitting photos, instead of hung.. I need more tables/shelves!


  1. Lovely photos! I like the sitting frames as well! Very pretty!

  2. I am loving those blue nails and I'm not normally a fan of ombre. I thought they were yours until I read the line under the photo!
    Oh and I'm in love with that black and white backless dress!!!!

    - Elle @ Barefoot And Beautiful

  3. where can I find the white cotton strapless, sleeveless shirt with sash? I have a Facebook account : DrKuku Barbara Connally & e-mail: bconnally@cinci.rr.com

    Please advise retail sources for this item! Thanks much!

  4. It's not a strapless shirt. It's a long sleeve button up and the arms are tied around the front. Very cute


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