Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Surprise

Last night was my 2nd night in my new place. So far so good... I have not encountered any ghosts! It has been pretty mild here in St. Louis for the last few days, so I had all my windows open last night to cool the place down. I am SO glad I closed my windows before I left because the temperature must have dropped 15 degrees! It is very chilly outside right now.
I've been spending the last few nights packing and unpacking, paying close attention to my closet. With all this moving I've decided to get a little more creative and motivated with the clothes in my closet. I decided to wear a skirt I haven't worn in a VERY long time. I hope I don't have to leave the office much, or I will be freezing!
Oh- and special thanks to Rande for the pumpkin cake from Carondelet Bakery... it was deliciousss!

I attempted to do ombre nails... well, I blame it on my poor packing. I didn't have the right colors! But it was a nice try...

Skirt and belt- UO, Blouse- Landsend, Mary Janes- SM, Bracelets- JCrew, vintage and H&M

Coffee with Pumpkin cream and pumpkin cake. Thanks Rande!

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