Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stress Reliever

Wow, today has been so hectic in the office... trying to finish up our SHTC reports so we can finally get some MULAH...
One thing that definitely helps me get through the day; my latte from the Broadway Bean. When I went in this morning, Larry introduced this really cute guy to me, he said, "This is Paul from!" I was so confused... he explained that Paul has this warehouse where people can login and shoot him with a paintball gun. Apparently its all streamed live so you can purchase a round and shoot him or the furniture all day! Wow, so neat.. a genius idea... who would have thought...


  1. That is the most bizarre and awesome thing ever!! I love it!

  2. I know! It is so awesome- you can login with your facebook account and chat and shoot the guy!!!


  3. OH ya- hope you don't mind that I took your photos from your website....!!

  4. Well, that's what they are they for... to be stolen.

    I still haven't even seen the rest of the set. I heard they look very 'porno.' But I guess if you put two guys in their underwear, shoot them with paintballs and then take their pictures that's what you get. Paintball erotica.

  5. In your underwear?! That is crazy- I watched the VIDEO you have posted on your site, ouch. I did not realize you guys aren't wearing 'armor' under your clothes!! Geez, it looks so painful..


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