Monday, September 26, 2011

Speed Racer

What a great weekend spent with my Father! I participated in my fifth 5K of the year on Saturday at Cedar Hill Cellars in Wright City Missouri! We ran 3.2 miles through fields, woods and a creek. My brand new Nike's got a little dirty, but I can't think of better way to break them in. There were about 100 runners, including me and my father, and couple friends from High School. And what made it better- I won 3rd place (in my age group.) It was my best personal time yet- 30.15. Not great, but I ran under 10 minutes!

I ran over 6 miles this weekend- I got inspired to train for a half marathon... I doubt this motivation will continue on much longer, but I like to push myself... and I also think my NEW shoes have something to do with it!
Congrats to me!!!!

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