Friday, September 16, 2011

Oh September

Thank goodness its Friday. I cannot wait to leave my office and celebrate the weekend with good company. I have plans to meet up with new friends in Soulard, grab a few hard ciders and party the night away.
My cousin is getting married tomorrow- lets hope the weather cooperates... I REALLY want to wear my new Steve Madden Grettas... I'm going to be SO tall!

Hello from my office:

One of the last summery outfits I wore last week
Goodbye spring colors and hello fabulous fall prints!



  1. Does that say Biloxi on your shirt?!? So how did your evening out go?

  2. Yes it does! I bought it from that surf shop when we were down there last. : )

    My evening was great- I had a great dinner with Jenn, Corey and Holly.
    And lets just say the guy I met up with- hes not the one. lol.


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