Monday, September 5, 2011

Nautical for Labor Day

I absolutely love the look of nautical. It's the perfect 'style interpretation' of class, status, power and money. In honor of Labor Day I have composed a yacht worthy outfit that will exude all of the above- a must have for all fashionistas.
I especially love the Juicy Couture Sailor Shorts and the Paul S Boutique Lizzie purse. Note to self- find anchor ring!
(PS- how hot is Paris Hilton on that Yacht, and Mary-Kate Olsen in her nautical inspired menswear?)

Nautical for Labor Day

MK in nautical inspired mens shirt

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  1. Hey you (:

    Thank you for your lovely comment <3 I bought the black wedges on forever 21 opening in london. So they are from f21 (:



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