Thursday, September 22, 2011


What is the purpose of limits? Are they meant to be compromised so we can expand them?

We all have them, and they can be found everywhere; credit cards, speed, weight, etc. I have MANY personal limitations, but I often find myself pushing the barriers, or I have no idea they are there until it's too late. We put limits on how much we eat, spend, how many dates we go on before taking him home, etc. Some limits are set in stone, no matter what happens we will not let ourselves exceed the limitation. But then there are others where we let it slip, we can get by with breaking them. Sure we feel bad the next day. We tell ourselves, "Not next time, this won't happen again." Why is this? What makes them differ? What makes it ok?

One of my limits that I confront weekly is AGE. How old is too old for a 24 SWF?

Necessary limitations:
Clothes purchases
Alcoholic beverages

What are your personal limitations?


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  1. I do not like putting limit on clothing purchases, and neither does my husband, which makes us a dangerous pair! I have limits on how many activities I do during the week, to make sure I don't neglect my home or husband. I try to have a food limit so I don't overeat because I'm always trying to lose weight. Limits on tolerating stupidity? I don't have much patience... :)
    (Don't hate me because I said that out loud!)

    I think love has no age limits, a 24 SWF has the world in front of her and should look past age to find the person she enjoys most in life!


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